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This weekend a few of my girlfriends and I ran off on a spur of the moment trip to Ojai. 
It was a magical weekend of poolside lounging, adventuring through the Mantilija Creek, and a late night brawl at a biker bar. 
Wearing: Maxi dress- Cynthia Vincent, sandals- Stuart Weitzman, white dress- Stone Cold Fox,  sunglasses- Karen Walker

Sharing the only surviving picture from my birthday celebration with my lovely friends.
A huge thank you to everyone who made my birthday feel so extra special this year.
I feel so incredibly lucky to have such amazing men and women in my life. You allow me to be myself and love me despite all of my imperfections.  Your strength inspires me to create. You celebrate my successes and help me through the failures. You make me a better person.
Thank you, my loves, you know who you are.

My partner in crime, Laura, and I took these on our last day in SF.
We were staying an extra day at the Palace Hotel after having missed our flight.
They had this incredible indoor pool that was enclosed in all glass and not a single person enjoying it. It felt so luxurious that I decided to stroll around the pool in my leopard coat and sunglasses. Even with wet hair and no make up, it still felt every bit as glamorous as it sounded.
A few Instagrams of that magnificent pool.
A big thank you to the Palace Hotel for making our stay so wonderful.

Sam and I got engaged over a year ago and I’ve done more planning for all of the wedding shoots I’ve worked on than I have for my own event. I’m just kicking back, taking my time and planning my dream affair. One thing I have finally locked down are my bridesmaids, or lack thereof. All of my girlfriends are spread out from coast to coast, it just didn’t make sense to force such an obligation on them. Plus knowing my friends, they all breathed a sigh of relief when I told them about my plans. Even though I decided not to have a bridal party, I did enlist 3 of my closest LA girls to be my honorary bridesmaids. Basically they get to watch me try on dresses while sipping on champs. Not a bad a job. 
 As a thank you to my honorary bridesmaids, I threw a little bridal party and Juicy Couture graciously provided us with monogrammed tracksuits for the occasion. The theme of the event was like your dream sleepover when you were growing up, complete with all of our favorite chick flicks, a desert bar, a flower crown making class, and a never ending supply of champagne. And I know this sounds crazy, but something magical happened when we put on those tracksuits. It’s like wearing matching outfits instantly equates to 3 times the fun and laughter. I’m sure all the champs didn’t hurt either.
You can see more pics and my guest post over at The Juicy and don’t forget to enter this contest for a chance to win your very own monogrammed tracksuits.

(jeans-c/o Hudson, top-Tibi, blazer-Rag & Bone, shoes-Zara, necklace-LuLu Frost, bracelet-Madewell, crown-vintage)
One of the “perks” of blogging has been meeting my best friends. No joke. It takes a lot for me to call someone a friend, let alone a best friend. I can count on my hands the number of people I’m willing to call a friend. I’m beyond blessed to have come across some of those friends through blogging. I’ve known Raych for years, and I’m so happy that we have grown into “real life” friends, best friends even. She, like all of my friends, is such a joy to be around. She is truly a remarkable individual and I’m so proud to have her in my life. Above is a silly impromptu shoot we did as we wrapped up a project we were both working on last week.
Fun Fact: Raych’s blog was the 1st fashion blog I ever read. I think it’s kind of weird/awesome that we are now such good friends. She’s the bee’s knees.