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My house is always full of fresh flowers that are constantly being rearranged throughout the week. I created this little setup out of a few arrangement I had on hand for an impromptu cocktail date I hosted for a few out of town friends. I love the look of mismatched vases and odd containers paired with vintage glassware. 

I’m super excited to share this home tour I did with Style Me Pretty Living.
My home is always a work in progress, but take a look at what it’s looking like now.
My bedroom still needs a lot of work, but the rest is coming along nicely.

(via Pinterest)
Lately I’ve been on a crazy DIY redecorating binge. I can’t wait to show you guys my updated home tour. Stay tuned.

 Sam and I love staycations. We’ve been building pillow/blanket forts  in our home for years, but finally Sam decided to build us a portable teepee so that our staycations could be a little less kindergarten and a little more chic. We usually keep it in our creative space, but I recently pulled it into the living room in preparations for V-day. As soon as I placed the last pillow into the teepee the dogs instantly decided it was their new love nest. I only wish I had a video to show you just how loved up my two pups got. Apparently teepee staycations bring the romance out, even in dogs.
This year, skip the usual Valentine’s Day cliches and build a fort. I promise you won’t regret not spending money on an overpriced dinner.

I’ve always adored prints in all of their varied glory.  Prints have the transformative power of improving my day. From my first sip of coffee, to the moment I slip on my favorite pair of heels, I know I’m going to have the confidence to take on the world. My closet, my home, and everything in between is filled with all of my favorite prints and patterns.
Today I’m sharing some of the beautiful Banana Republic pieces from their #OpenforJoy Print Shop and how easily they fit into my printed life. Whether I’m lounging at home with my pup, or running out for a spontaneous adventure, these pieces are a picture perfect fit with my world.
Wearing: loafers- Banana Republic , pants- Banana Republic, bracelets- Banana Republic, bag- Banana Republic