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(crop top-Urban Renewal, skirt-vintage, shoes-Aldo, jewelry- vintage/F21)

The lovely lady at Style Porn tagged me to list 10 things that my readers may or may not know about me…

1) I was born in Havana, Cuba. We lived on a military base until I was two.

2) I lived in Russia until I was 9.

3) I love Korean food and can pretty much eat any Asian cuisine on a daily basis.

4) I consume (binge on) an unhealthy amount of sugar every single night. My friends call me a fat kid because for me it is not a state of being but a state of mind.

5) I do not exercise in the least bit. Having to walk around in SF is kicking my ass.

6) I am a liberal but have an addiction to FOX News. I find O’Reilly and Hannity so full of shit it’s hilarious.

7) I love animals. I am not allowed to visit animal shelters because I cannot walk away from a sweet face.

8) I am scared of whales and snakes.

9) I love existential literature.

10) I collect Dia de Los Muertos figurines ( I am a bit morbid).

I am tagging

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Sylvia Ji creates the most beautifully haunting images.  Her art bridges together the ugly and the beautiful, creating a seamless transition from the youthful to the decrepit. What you see at first glance is most certainly not what you get, both visually and symbolically, as you go back for a second look. These works are playful yet savage and reveal the duality that is ever present in life.

(pics via google)

John Lautner was one of the U.S.’s most influential contemporary architects. He studied under the famed Frank Lloyd Wright for six years and contributed to the Googies movement of the 50’s with his 1949 design for Googies Coffee Shop. Googies architecture  can still be seen today all over the West Coast from  Seattle to Southern California. Googies architecture, is whimsical and futuristic.

(Pics- Supermelon, Google)

Last night I got lucky with a ticket to Band of Horses. They were great, fantastic, better than expected. The show ended pretty early so we went to a dive bar for some pool, bar nuts and beer. It was a pretty excellent night. 

No, I don’t really think these are an eye sore, I think they are fantastic.

John Goto is a photo-digital artist. His art is a whimsical look at our history and makes me want to dress in bright colors and cascading layers.