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Love cocorosa and this video she made.
The girl’s an artist.

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Wayne Thiebaud is one of my favorite artists. I adore not only his subject matter, pop culture and commonplace objects, but also his exaggerated color palette and textured painting technique. Much of my use of color in the outfits I put together is inspired by the color palettes of Contemporary and Impressionist painters. I find that there is very little separation between fine art and fashion. The only visible difference is that one form is hung on the wall while the other is worn. Finding inspiration in art is no different than finding it within the pages of Italian Vogue. Of course I am not trying to imply that the looks I put together are somehow equivalent to the masterpieces produced by artists like Thiebaud. I am merely suggesting that there is a an artist in each of us and that inspiration can be drawn form an object as commonplace as a tube of lipstick or in this case a Wayne Thiebaud painting.

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Inspiration comes in many forms, today I found mine in a photography blog.

Over the weekend I had the chance to attend an art/music/design show/party. My lovely boyfriend (who’s name is Sam and who actually takes all of my blog pictures!) had a piece in the show and so it was imperative that we went. The event turned out to be a blast and I even ran into fellow Bay Area blogger Jennie from Going West .
Here are some pics from the event.
I loved the quirkiness of this girl and her designs.
This bad ass chick is a total rock star and her designs are out of this world amazing. She creates whimsical pieces that blend the line between sci-fi, glamour, and rock-and-roll. If you look close enough you’ll find that she is all over the blog world.
(Domonique Echeverria)
I love the tough yet organic feel of this jewelry, wish I had had
enough cash to snag a few pieces.
On a side note, I am thinking of selling a few special vintage pieces on this blog. Would anyone be interested? I think the first item will be a gorgeous beaded pencil skirt.
Oh and in case you’re curious as to what I wore to this event, it’s the outfit from the previous post.

(scarf-DonniCharm , pants-vintage, blouse-Zara, jacket-H&M sunglasses- American Apparel)
This picture was shot during a recent expedition to Scrap in the industrial district. Scrap is like a hoarder’s heaven. It’s basically a store full of really cheap junk for arts and crafts.
Thank you Vanessa for this beautiful illustration!