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A refreshing and simple arrangement of maidenhair ferns currently residing on my coffee table. 
Happy Flower Friday.
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Here’s a simple idea to dress up your coffee table or end table. Slip a few blooming branches into a couple of matching glass vases and sprinkle around your home.
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Happy Friday!

I fell in love with these beautiful orchids while wandering the flower markets the other day.

They were so tall and beautiful I   couldn’t resist playing up the height of this arrangement with blooming branches.
I made mini versions with the leftovers and tucked them in to unexpected corners around the house.
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A charming and deceptively simple fall arrangement I whipped up a few days ago.
Start with 5 stems of large hydrangeas arranged in a circular vase. Fill the gaps in between the hydrangea blooms with other flowers of various sizes. Enjoy.
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I’m absolutly obsessed with my new vases from BHLDN
Quick tip: Use floral foam to help keep your flowers in place when creating an arrangement.
Just cut it to fit into the bottom of the vase. You can fill the vase up with water as you normally would. The foam absorbs the water and helps keep the flowers fresh.

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 Happy Friday!