samara marshall said...
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shivangi sharma said...

Hi Liz!!

Recently came across your blog, and found it fresh and a pleasure to read ! I must compliment you on creating articles that are really nice.

I work with and we have some beautiful ethnic designs too. I think you would like them too :) and congratulations to you on your wonderful blog :)

Shivangi Sharma

Katherine Karr said...

Hi Liz! I love your blog! You have great style! I am an aspiring model/fashion blogger and am interested in how you made your success as a blogger. I have my own blog on and, which is a more recent gig. I also have my own modeling website: My e-mail is I hope to hear back from you!


Katherine Karr

Sabe said...

Follow you in Instagram and I looooove your posts. Congratulations. Are you up for styling advice? Email?

Alexandra Sorell said...

HI Liz! I am a huge fan of your blog and your instagram; so much so that you have inspired me to start my own blog. I have been trying to find the best blog platform but I am not sure which one would be right for me. I would someday prefer to have my own website like you and I was wondering of you could offer any advice or any platforms that you prefer!


Alexandra S.

Park Sangchin said...

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Lily Begum said...

Follow or add me on:-

Brittany Streissguth said...

Your pictures are absolutely gorgeous, and I love coming into the office and seeing what adventures you've been on!

What kind of camera do you use for your pictures?

Danielle Garcia said...
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Danielle Garcia said...

Hi Liz!

I came across to your site while finding blogs for my swimwear website I found you did great job.

I want to know are your accepting guest blogs for fashion site?

Carl Sundqvist said...

Hi :)

My Swedish company will soon launch our latest collection of elegant fashion products and make an exclusive pre-launch to celebrities and larger fashion bloggers in Sweden. We have also decided to do a smaller selected launch among international bloggers.

Since you blog about fashion and have a cool style which suites our brand, you can select a modell and color which you like.

Email me if this sounds interesting and I can send you more information and pictures of our products.

Have a great day!