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Happy Sunday and Father’s Day. Here’s an easy brunch recipe that’s perfect for any occasion. I love making it for houseguests when I want to impress them without cooking up a storm. Hope you all have a lovely week.



White mushrooms



White onion


Balsamic vinegar

Green onion

Extra virgin olive oil


Start by heating oven to 350F. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper. Cut polenta into half  inch thick cakes, sprinkle with oil and bake until outside starts to get crispy, about 15 minutes. While polenta is cooking, bring a pot of water to a boil. Once the water is boiling place in the eggs and cook for six minutes. Once the eggs are cooked, remove form heat immediately. Place them in cool water until ready to serve. To make the toppings, start by caramelizing the onions, next add in your mushrooms and cook until the mushrooms are soft and almost cooked through. Sprinkle in finely chopped fresh garlic, stir together and de-glaze the pan with a tablespoon of balsamic vinegar. Cook for another minute or two. As mushrooms are cooking quickly steam the spinach. Assemble by stacking all of components into little towers. Start with the polenta cakes on the bottom, add the steamed spinach, pile on the mushrooms, top each stack with a shelled half of your 6 minute egg. Season with salt and pepper, garnish with green onion.

Serve and enjoy.

Tip: Don’t forget to season and taste everything like the spinach and mushrooms as you go along.

I love starting my mornings with fresh light meals that will energize me without weighing me down. One of my new favorites is a delightful, healthy breakfast bowl. I use homemade yogurt that I pick up form the farmer’s market and combine it with fresh berries and fruits. It takes all of 5 minutes to make, leaving you feeling satisfied and healthy. To make it even healthier add in chia seeds and let sit over night.





Plain yogurt (sub in coconut yogurt for a vegan version)

Vanilla extract


Directions :

There is no real formula to this. Blend together the desired amount of yogurt with a large handful of fresh strawberries, a sprinkle of vanilla extract, and a spoon full of honey. Play around with the ingredients until you get it to taste and look the way you want. Personally I like less honey and more strawberries, while Sam enjoys his on the sweeter side. Once you’ve got the right flavor garnish with fresh berries and serve. I like to garnish mine with edible flowers when I can find them or toasted coconut shavings if I have some on hand. Serve and enjoy.

Happy Sunday!

Today I’m sharing a recipe for one of my all time favorite desserts, golden meringues with homemade whipped cream and berries. I’m not much of a baker but this recipe is a lot easier than you think. I ended up sharing this dessert with our neighbors because we had so much left over. Now they’re requesting a dinner party, which I will happily oblige.


3 large eggs

1 cup heavy cream

1 cup powdered sugar

 2 tablespoons granulated sugar

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

1/8th teaspoon baking powder


1 tablespoon strawberry jam



Begin by preheating the oven to 225F. Next separate the egg white from the yolks. Using a standing mixer whisk the egg whites. Gradually add in the granulated sugar and baking powder. Whisk until the mixture begins to stiffen and form peaks, about 5 minutes. Gently fold in the jam. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper. Scoop the meringue mixture onto the baking sheet, swirling it around to create peaks. Bake in the oven for 2 two 3 hours, until the meringues dry out and get crispy. Let them cool in the oven.  Once the meringues are cooling make the homemade whipped cream by whisking the heavy cream and powdered sugar for 2-3 minutes or until you get the desired whipped cream consistency. To assemble break the meringues into bite sized pieces, place into glasses or bowls add the whipped cream and berries. Top with fresh mint and serve.

Recently I had brunch at Malibu Farm Cafe and they served this delicious watermelon rosé smoothie. With LAs recent heat wave I thought it was the perfect opportunity to recreate it.





Pour Rosé into ice cube trays and freeze. Cut watermelon into bite sized pieces and freeze. Once both of the ingredients are frozen, blend together until the mixture reaches a slushy like consistency. Garnish with watermelon, serve and enjoy.

One of my new kitchen gadgets is a spiralizer. It’s a simple tool that has given me a lot of new recipe possibilities. I’ve used for countless dishes but my favorite is using it to make fresh zucchini noodles. The recipe I’m sharing today is actually Sam’s favorite. He rarely enjoys “healthy” meals but when he first tried this dish he had a genuine look of surprise at how much he liked it. He went back for second and thirds. I now make this for him at least once a week. As always it’s super easy and healthy.



Pine nuts

Sun dried tomatoes

Fresh Basil



Start by preheating the oven to 350°F. Make the zucchini noodles with your spiralizer. Let the noodles sit and drain for at least 15 minutes.  Once the oven is hot, toast the pine nuts for a few minutes or until they start to turn golden brown. Make sure not to burn them. Drain the sun dried tomatoes and chop them into small pieces. Combine the noodles, pine nuts, and tomatoes. Dress with pesto and garnish with fresh basil.  Serve and enjoy.