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FALL MUST HAVES-1To celebrate the arrival of fall, I’ve decided to share a few of my current must haves. Below you’ll find everything from a blush hued leather jacket to the perfect off-the-shoulder sweater. Happy shopping!

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Coachella Still Life-1This will be my 5th year in a row attending Coachella, aka the gathering of cutoff shorts, headdresses, lace dresses, and anything covered in fringe.  This festival was once a place for music lovers to hang out, discover new bands, drink hot beer on the grass, all the while getting to see some of their favorite bands headline. This little festival, which once cost  a fraction of the current ticket price, has blown up into an oversaturated destination for sartorial peacocking, networking and above all else a place to be seen. And you know what? I still love it all the same. Every year Sam and I (or actually just Sam) end up driving around from parties to the festivals in a car full of our friends having a ludicrously good time. We started coming for the music, now we come back to make memories with our friends.

Having now laid out my thoughts on Coachella, I offer you my personal guide to making it through the weekend.

1 // Shoes

Most fashion girls bring about 2/3 pairs of shoes per day. I do not. I know that no matter what I will end up barefoot at the festival grounds. I bring one pair of shoes per day plus one more go-to for emergencies. No matter how many shoes you end up bringing remember one thing – make sure you can actually tolerate wearing them for longer than an hour.


Statement sandals – These will be great for both parties and for the actual fest. For this year I’m going with these lace up Mabu sandals covered in pompoms and charms.

Sneakers – Pretty much perfect for any occasion. Going to stick with my Sandro velcro sneakers this year.

Something with a heel – Even as a creature or comfort, I can’t deny how much better certain outfits look with just a little lift from a heel. This year I’ve settled on these mesh Chloé mules which will be for daytime parties only. When I head into the fest I’ll either throw on my extra pair or more likely end up barefoot.

Boots – This is the extra pair of shoes I’ve mentioned above. I always throw in a pair of simple black boots with a low heel. You never know when you might need them.

Coachella Still Life-32 // Beauty

It’s obvious that no matter what the occasion we all want to look our best.  Regardless of what your individual routine is, I think a few of my tips will be of use at Coachella or pretty much anytime you want to visit the desert.


Stay hydrated – This is super basic but also really important. If you’re not familiar with warm climates you may not realize just how quickly you are loosing water. I like to throw in a green juice here and there to keep me hydrated and also provide me with a little dose of veggies which can be hard to come by at the festival food stands. A super cute beverage pool floaty makes it even better. And to be fair my floaty is just as likely to have an ice cold Mexican beer in it as it is a green juice.

Eye mask – You will stay up. You will be tired. Find yourself an eye mask, you’ll thank me later. I’m brining my 100% Pure Bright Eyes Mask. It works well and it’s completely natural/vegan/organic.

Nail polish – I don’t do gels as they are very damaging for my nails. I get a mani and pedi then bring whatever nail polish I have on for touchups. I don’t know how other people do it but my nails chip by day 2.

Watermelon – Perfect fruit for breakfast. It has vitamins A, B6, C, antioxidants and amino acids. Sprinkle it with cayenne pepper for some added health benefits and some spicy kick.

Setting powder – This will keep your makeup in place as you sweat like you’ve never known you could sweat before. I use Laura Mercier.

Dry shampoo – It’s my go to all the time and festival season is no different. I’m currently favoring Kerastase Powder Bluff

Sunscreen – I personally dislike all forms of sunscreen but it’s a necessary evil. I found COOLA to have the least offensive smell and texture, while maintaining excellent coverage.

Evian facial spray – Basically air conditioning in a bottle.

Coachella Still Life-3

3 // Accessories

Last but not least it comes to the essential accessories to ensure your weekend is a success. Don’t forget, one bad Coachella outfit and your blacklisted for life! ha.


Phone case – You will drop your phone, but don’t worry it won’t have service and will be dead no matter how many external batteries you bring. Resign yourself to this fate and just enjoy the music.

Jewelry – In terms of jewelry I personally hate having layers of rings and bracelets when it’s hot and I’m probably sweating. I stick to a few bold statement pieces like the Marni chocker I’m obsessed with or I end up going with layered delicate chain necklaces.

Sunglasses – This is one of those things that I don’t think you can have enough of. I suggest bringing all of your favorite head turners. You’ll be in sunglasses most of the time. I’m bringing my trusty pair of Chloé sunnies and a darling pair of Sonix shades and a few of their printed pouches.

A watch – As I mentioned your phone will die. It’s a fact of Coachella life. The only way to ensure not losing your group is to designate locations and times to meet up and re-group. This is why you need a stylish watch. No matter what happens you will know the time and will be able to get to your designated meet up spot. Trust me on this one, asking a festival goer at the Sahara Tent what time it is, is like speaking to someone from another dimension.

Bandana – So it doesn’t have to be a bandana. It can be a scarf or a tee shirt, but you will need something to cover your face for the dust storms. Contrary to the misguided but surprisingly popular belief, the desert can get very cold and windy at night. Even if the night air stays warm one thing you can rely on is that right at the time the headliner comes on a vicious windstorm picks up covering everything and everyone in dust. This is where  your handy bandana gets wrapped around your face and you thank me for your renewed ability to breathe. This year I actually have a cute fringe wrap from Guess that I will be using.

This is by no means a completed list, but it’s a good start. The only major things I feel I have left off the list are a hat and a plethora of external chargers for your phone. Other than that I think this about covers it! Enjoy yourselves, hope to see you there.

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Snuck on to a rooftop downtown to take in the LA skyline and shoot some pictures in the glowing sunlight.

I miss shooting on rooftops like when we lived in San Francisco.

Wearing: Shirt – Comme des Garçon, pants – Club Monaco, shoes – Zara, bag – Chloe, sunglasses – Urban Outfitters, bracelet – Alexis Bittar

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I recently had the chance to work with Trunk Club, a personal styling service for women (and men) looking to have an expertly curated wardrobe.  All you have to do is sign up and you will instantly be connected with a full-time personal stylist. After getting to know your needs and preferences, your stylist will send you a trunk of items for you to try on. Keep the items you love and send back everything you don’t. Shipping and returns are always free and there is absolutely no styling fee, no minimums, and no commitment.

I absolutely loved my experience with Trunk Club. The process was incredibly simple and enjoyable, surpassing all of my expectations. I started by creating an account and answering a few questions. I had a brief phone call with my personal stylist, Sarah, and a few weeks later I chose to come into their well appointed clubhouse for my fitting. Sarah pulled a collection of head to toe looks that fit my style and my current wardrobe needs. We went through each piece discussing the fit and my style preferences as we went along. I was really impressed with everything she pulled and loved the clubhouse experience. I ended up keeping the most incredible leather jacket. I can’t wait for my next trunk to see what goodies are waiting for me inside.

This service is fantastic and absolutely perfect for anyone who wants a curated wardrobe and a personal stylist without the hassle and cost.  Over time, your stylist will get a better understanding of what you like, helping you expand your wardrobe thoughtfully. Your personal stylist can even help you with a packing list when you’re going on a trip or styling for a special occasion. It’s truly an inspired service and experience. I urge you to give it a try, you have nothing to lose and only an amazing wardrobe to gain.

Sign up for Trunk Club here.

*This post was created in collaboration with Trunk Club.

Nordstrom_Rack_Holiday_1No matter how far in advance I start planning, the holidays always sneak up on me. With only a few days before I have to get all my shopping done, I’m still checking people off my list. My trick to making holiday shopping easier is relying on my favorite online stores to deliver gifts to my doorstep, but even then I often run out of time to order before the delivery due date has passed.  This year I decided to pop by my local Nordstrom Rack in the hopes of finding last minute goodies. I found beautiful gifts ranging from a silk Rag & Bone top to a cozy blanket and copper mugs perefect for a few lucky family members. All I have to do is wrap the goodies up and tuck them under the tree.
Nordstrom_Rack_Holiday-3 Nordstrom_Rack_Holiday_2
* This post has been created in collaboration with Nordstrom Rack.
Wearing : Sweater – Joie 
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