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Los Angeles has been unseasonably rainy this month which has been great for all those coats I can never find a reason to wear but always end up getting anyways. We’ve been exploring our new neighborhood lately and with the drizzly weather our favorite stop has been our neighborhood coffee shop, Paper or Plastik. It’s a great hideaway for a midday pick me up. Sam and I love to perch up over the coffee bar and people watch while hiding behind our laptops. It’s becoming our little weekday routine whenever we find ourselves at home.

I hope you guys had a chance to see my post from El Cuyo where I talked about the Trove app. It’s the perfect on the go app for shopping the current trends and outfits from your favorite bloggers. Download it today and shop this outfit right from your phone.
Wearing : Coat – Storets, sweater – Storets, jeans – Sanctuary, shoes – Gucci, sunglasses – Perverse, bag – Salar
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I’ve already mentioned our trip to El Cuyo, but I wanted to talk more about what brought us to this remote village and our unforgettable experience while there.  The whole trip started when our friend Maddie called us out of the blue and informed us she will be moving to El Cuyo for the next 3 months to be with her boyfriend while he set up a kite boarding school with his pro kite boarding friends. Since Sam and I are always up for a new adventure we booked our flights to Mexico 20 minutes after getting off the phone with her. Less than a week later we flew to Tulum and after a few indulgent days there we embarked on our road trip through the Yucatán state in Mexico to go visit our friend.

I have been preconditioned for years to believe that most parts of Mexico are unsafe and that driving through Mexico is not a good idea. None of these fears held up. There was not a  moment where I felt unsafe while traveling through the Yucatán. Once we arrived at the tiny fishermen’s village of El Cuyo we were smitten. The ocean was crystal clear, the local people were kind, and the village was full of brightly hued homes, stores and restaurants. But when we pulled up to our airbnb we knew right away something was off. We went in and kept our smiles going as we explored the uninhabitable shack. It was so overpriced I cringe knowing other people had actually paid this price. We knew the place was going to be bare bones, we did not expect it to be full of questionable deep red stains, mold covering every surface and prison style bathrooms. It looked nothing like the pictures. It was a fail on all accounts. Once we got to talking to some of the locals, they quickly informed us the place was known to be a scam. The amount of mold alone was enough to convince us we could not possible stay there (there were many other things that were very wrong but I’ll let your imagination go wild). We ended up sleeping in the car until the next morning when the whole village pulled together to find us a real place to stay. By 8:00am, we had a comfortable place that cost less than breakfast for 1 in Los Angeles.  It was our first taste of the type of kindness that would define our stay in El Cuyo.

Once we got settled in, the rest of our time in El Cuyo was spent eating the fresh local cuisine prepared by hardworking yet cheerful local women, swimming with 8 foot manta rays, and trying to get close to the wild flamingos that populate the surrounding lagoons. Every day was wonderful, but nothing can beat the last day when we woke up to a crystal blue ocean that looked like a pool. There was not even a hint of a wave and absolutely no one on the beach but us. That last day will forever remain as one of my favorite memories. We spent almost the entire day frolicking in the ocean, paddle boarding, tanning, swimming with the manta rays while avoiding the deadly sting rays, taking Tequila shots on the beach, and all the while indulging in home cooked dishes from our local friends. It was one of those days that you never wanted to end.

We did not know what we were getting into when we decided to road trip to El Cuyo. What we found was something only a handful of people have/will ever experience. This is a place for those of you with a heart for adventure.  There were no luxuries there. There was only an authentic experience of a small village filled with happy, kind people, and a crystal blue ocean that never seemed to end.

If you don’t go off the beaten path, you’ll never know what you’re missing.

Wearing: Dress – Elliatt, hat –  Revolve, bag – Mar y Sol, shoes – WhoWhatWear

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It’s no secret that Sam and I have caught the travel bug. As we travel to new places we’ve made a point of taking time out of our trips to explore destinations that are completely off the beaten path. On our current trip through Mexico we found ourselves leaving Tulum in search of something untouched by other travelers. We found just what we were looking for in the tiny village of El Cuyo in the Yucatán. The village consists of kind people, brightly colored houses, and crystal clear water that stretches as far as the eye can see. It is places like this that make me feel the most inspired. This inspiration inevitably leads to a renewed desire to shop for something special that fits my new found inspiration.

A great new shopping destination that you must check out is the Trove appI love shopping online as much as the next person, but what I love most about the Trove app is that it gives you the ability to shop looks from real people vs. online models. Trove allows you to follow your favorite style influencers and shop their outfit posts directly from the app. In addition, Trove gives users the ability to see all the new posts quickly and shop their favorite looks instantly. It’s easy, incredibly efficient, and you can even save your favorite looks and products to a personalized closet.  What’s also really cool about the Trove app is that even while I’m sitting on a remote beach in Mexico I can use the trends tab to see what my influencer friends are wearing for New York Fashion Week. Download the app today and start shopping all of your favorite looks.

*This post was created in collaboration with Trove.

Wearing : Top – House of Harlow 1960, overalls – Karen Zambos, bag – Salar, shoes – Soludos, sunglasses – Dior, bracelet – Miasai

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It’s been a hectic week but Sam and I are on the road to Sundance. Since my mom refuses to watch all 3 of my dogs, she drew the line at 2, we decided to bring Fiona along. I don’t want to play favorites but Fifi is turning out to be the perfect travel dog. The only downside being that we can’t walk more than a few feet without someone stopping to pet her.

On a side note, I want to encourage all of you to go and give a big hug, send a text, make a phone call to the ones you love. One of our family members was in a terrible car accident this week. It was a jolting reminder of how fleeting our time is and how important it is to make time for the ones we love.

Wearing : Jeans – BDG, sweater – Urban Outfitters, boots – c/o WhoWhatWear, scarf – don’t remember the brand, sunnies – Quay, hat – Kemo Sabe,

Last month Jared The Galleria of Jewelry invited me to one of their stores to experience first hand what the jeweler is all about. It was incredible how knowledgeable and friendly the entire staff was. After learning about the extensive range of brands, like Vera Wang LOVE and the beautiful Chosen collection of customizable engagement rings, carried at Jared locations, we were given free reign to play with all the beautiful pieces. I tried on everything from gold bangles to brilliant engagement rings. I ended up falling in love with a couple sets of sparkly studded earrings. I knew I wanted to layer them for a glam holiday look. I paired them with silver bracelets, slipped on a full skirt and danced the night away at a holiday soiree.

Check out Jared online or in stores and find yourself something beautiful.

*This post was created in collaboration with Jared the Galleria of Jewelry.