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I’ve always loved spending time outdoors. Los Angeles is filled with tucked away spots that are perfect for escaping the crowds and enjoying a luxurious picnic on a sunny day. Recently I invited a few of my friends to join me for a late afternoon of wine tasting at a lovely little spot near the house I grew up in. Sam and I have picnics like this often. There are a few things we always pack to make the day beautiful and comfortable. We always bring a couple of small rugs, pillows and blankets for sitting, lounging, and bundling up. We also bring 1 or 2 apple crates. We’ve bought them at the Rose Bowl flea market years ago. They’ve perfect for packing your items and once flipped act as the perfect table. I also almost always bring fresh flowers because I really just can’t help myself. Sam finds it mildly annoying but I think they add instant charm to everything. This time I skipped the vases tucking the fresh lilac and tulips into the little nooks and crannies around the various platters.

The theme of this picnic was wine tasting. I selected 4 different Bota Box wines to try and a cheese to pair with each. I decided to go with Bota Box wine not only for the obvious convenience of an unbreakable container and the environmentally friendly box, but also because the wine is great.  It travels well, each large box has the equivalent of 4 bottles of wine making it perfect for parties, and the mini’s have 3 glasses of wine each which makes them perfect for when you and a friend don’t want to open an entire bottle.  We tasted the Cabernet Sauvignon, Rośe, Sauvignon Blanc, and Chardonnay. We all found each one to be quite lovely, our favorite being the Rośe because nothing really beats Rośe at a picnic.  For the snacks I served Marcona almonds, fruit spreads, fresh berries, a mini charcuterie board, and a few assorted desserts, alongside the cheese, crackers and a fresh baguette. Once we tasted all the wines and finished all the bites we spent the rest of the afternoon telling stories, laughing, and day dreaming about where we all want to travel to next. It was a beautiful time spent with friends among the splendor of nature.

*This post was created in collaboration with Bota Box.

I’m currently going through my closets to purge my wardrobe of the things I no longer wear.  I’ve also put myself on a shopping freeze until I sort out what to keep and what needs to be replaced.  I do these wardrobe cleanses at least 3 times a year. It focuses my attention on the styles I love and wear the most, reminding me that quality is more important than quantity. It also encourages me to shop my own closet and to restyle older pieces to give them new life.

Wearing : Skirt – Maje, top – H&M, shoes – c/o Lacoste, earrings – H&M, bag – Saint Laurent, sunglasses – Chloé

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 As the days get longer and warmer the city of angels comes alive. From outdoor movies at the Hollywood Cemetery to concerts at the Santa Monica Pier, there is never a shortage of something to do. The other day Sam and I spent our late afternoon at LACMA enjoying their outdoor pieces and exhibits. Afterwards we spotted a food truck across the way and decided to grab some quick bites before heading home. Unfortunately by the time we got there the truck was closed up, leaving us craving the delicious noodles they were offering. Since we couldn’t have what we were craving we went home and whipped up our own version. They we’re almost as good and probably a bit healthier. I’ll share the recipe in my Sunday Bites segment this Sunday.

Wearing : Pants –  c/o WhoWhatWear, camisole – Anine Bing, jacket – c/o Rebecca Taylor, bag – c/o WhoWhatWear, shoes – Gray Matters, earrings – H&M, necklace – c/o Les Niéréides Paris

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Los Angeles has been unseasonably rainy this month which has been great for all those coats I can never find a reason to wear but always end up getting anyways. We’ve been exploring our new neighborhood lately and with the drizzly weather our favorite stop has been our neighborhood coffee shop, Paper or Plastik. It’s a great hideaway for a midday pick me up. Sam and I love to perch up over the coffee bar and people watch while hiding behind our laptops. It’s becoming our little weekday routine whenever we find ourselves at home.

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Wearing : Coat – Storets, sweater – Storets, jeans – Sanctuary, shoes – Gucci, sunglasses – Perverse, bag – Salar
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It doesn’t rain often in the city of angels but when it does I love heading downtown to wander around the gloomy city.  It reminds me of when Sam and I lived in San Francisco. Wandering around the city was our favorite thing to do. On hot summer nights we’d get lost in Chinatown. We’d spend rainy mornings exploring the Marina.  Our lazy Sundays stared with a stroll down to the Ferry Building. Out of all the things I miss about living in SF, it’s this wandering I miss the most.

Wearing: Sweater – AYR, jeans – Rag & Bone, beanie – Asos, shoes – Gucci, bag – Salar, umbrella – J. Crew, watch – Coach

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