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Welcome to another Sunday Bites post. Today I’m sharing a recipe for snap pea salad with radishes and mozzarella. I found a version of the recipe on the New York Times website and it turned out so tasty, I’ve been making it weekly. This salad is perfect for a meal all on it’s own or as a side dish.


Sugar snap peas



Fresh mint

Dijon mustard


Extra virgin olive oil

Directions :

Bring a pot of water to a boil and trim the edges of you sugar snap peas. Cook the peas in the boiling water for 2 minutes. Remove from heat immediately, drain and place the peas into an a bowl of ice water to stop the peas from overcooking. Next thinly slice the radishes, dice the mozzarella cheese, and chop fresh mint into thin ribbons. To make the dressing combine dijon mustard with fresh lemon juice and extra virgin olive oil. Play around with the ratio of mustard, lemon and oil until you achieve the flavor you like. Add salt and pepper to taste. To assemble the salad combine everything including the dressing in a bowl. Taste and add seasoning or dressing as needed.  Serve and enjoy.

Happy Sunday!

If I could eat lox for every meal, I would. I use it dozens of different ways, but I think it truly shines in brunch recipes. Today I ‘m sharing my favorite Sunday indulgence, an open-faced lox sandwich with crème fraîche topped with a 6 minute egg.


Good bread



Crème fraîche


Extra virgin olive oil


Start by preheating the oven to 375F and boiling water in a pot large enough to hold all of the eggs will be using. Slice bread into half inch wide slices. Drizzle with extra virgin olive oil on both sides and toast in the oven until lightly golden brown and slightly crispy. You want the toast to be soft on the inside and just lightly crispy on the outside. Finely chop a handful of fresh chives, set a small bit aside for garnish.  Mix a half cup of crème fraîche with the finely chopped chives, add salt and pepper to taste.  Once your water boils, gently add the eggs and boil for exactly 6 minutes. Remove the eggs from heat and chill in cold water until cool enough to peel.  Once the bread and eggs have cooled you can start to assemble the sandwich. Spread a layer of the crème fraîche sauce onto the bread, layer with lox, top with a 6 minute egg, season with a little bit of salt and pepper and garnish with a sprinkle of chives. Voilà! Serve and enjoy.

Recently LA has developed a poke craze. A new poke spot seems to spring up on every corner like Starbucks.  Most of these spots offer cheap fast poke bowls that may be tasty, but unfortunately too often use bad cuts of fish.  After a few less than stellar experiences I decided to very simply create my own poke bowls at home.  As always this recipe is easy, healthy, and can be switched up to include whatever ingredients you have available.


Sushi grade raw tuna


Red cabbage


Jasmine rice

Sesame seeds



Green onion

Soy Sauce

Rice wine vinegar

Sesame oil



Begin by steaming the jasmine rice. Next dice the tuna into small cubes and marinate with the juice from a lime, a sprinkle of sesame seeds, a splash of rice wine vinegar, salt and pepper.  You don’t have to marinate the tuna for too long, 15 minutes is enough time for the lime to start “cooking” the fish.  Since you’re not cooking the tuna other than with the marinade you want to make sure you get very fresh fish. I get mine from my local fish market or at Whole Foods. While the tuna marinates and the rice steams, cut up all of the fresh ingredients you want to add to the bowl. I like to mix textures and flavors by using crunchy elements like fresh cucumber and adding touches of sweetness with mango. The last step before you assemble the bowl is to make the sauce. For my sauce I combine soy sauce, sesame oil, rice wine vinegar, sesame seeds, and green onion.  I do everything by taste adding to the sauce until it tastes good. To finish, assemble everything in a bowl, pour the sauce over the rice and trimmings, serve and enjoy immediately

Happy Sunday!

For today’s Sunday Bites post I’m sharing a recipe for a refreshing Cucumber Melon Summer Sangria. I love making sangria year round, but particularly in the summer when we have a rotating door of friends stopping by. Below is a super quick video showing you just how easy it is to make. I hope you enjoy it and happy Sunday!

Ingredients : 

2 bottles white wine

1 small cucumber

1 lime

1 quarter honey dew melon

1 cup vodka

 Handful of fresh mint leaves

Directions :

Cut the cucumber and lime into thin slices and cut the honey dew into cubes. Combine all of the ingredients in a pitcher, stir well. Serve and enjoy.


Happy Sunday and Father’s Day. Here’s an easy brunch recipe that’s perfect for any occasion. I love making it for houseguests when I want to impress them without cooking up a storm. Hope you all have a lovely week.



White mushrooms



White onion


Balsamic vinegar

Green onion

Extra virgin olive oil


Start by heating oven to 350F. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper. Cut polenta into half  inch thick cakes, sprinkle with oil and bake until outside starts to get crispy, about 15 minutes. While polenta is cooking, bring a pot of water to a boil. Once the water is boiling place in the eggs and cook for six minutes. Once the eggs are cooked, remove form heat immediately. Place them in cool water until ready to serve. To make the toppings, start by caramelizing the onions, next add in your mushrooms and cook until the mushrooms are soft and almost cooked through. Sprinkle in finely chopped fresh garlic, stir together and de-glaze the pan with a tablespoon of balsamic vinegar. Cook for another minute or two. As mushrooms are cooking quickly steam the spinach. Assemble by stacking all of components into little towers. Start with the polenta cakes on the bottom, add the steamed spinach, pile on the mushrooms, top each stack with a shelled half of your 6 minute egg. Season with salt and pepper, garnish with green onion.

Serve and enjoy.

Tip: Don’t forget to season and taste everything like the spinach and mushrooms as you go along.