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I made this bouquet from all the leftover birthday flowers I received over the last week. I picked out the freshest looking blooms and whipped up this lovely arrangement for my bedside table.

Hope you all have a wonderful Sunday, thanks for stopping by.

As Sam and I slowly settle into our new home, we’ve been taking time each day to explore our neighborhood. We’ve already found a lovely flower shop just around the corner, and a cafe with a really good menu. There’s also a taco truck that comes by on weekdays, making it the perfect spot for grabbing a quick lunch during busy work days. Getting to know new neighborhoods while building new routines is an aspect of moving I really enjoy. I get a sense of calm when I spend my mornings doing a couple of my favorite activities like buying flowers and drinking too much coffee. It’s the little things that make the winter days more pleasant.

Wearing: Coat – Sandro, sweater – Club Monaco, jeans – Sandro, shoes – Amélie Pichard, bag – Amélie Pichard, earrings – COS

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So as some of you have seen on my Instagram Live I’m in New York shooting a project with and Sam is at home with the pups. I’m here talking about relationships and people always ask me how we make it work, well Sam is at home and made this bouquet for me and shot it for this post. When he sent me the pictures he said “don’t tell em’ I made it” but I can’t help letting people know what a great guy he is and that even though it takes a lot of work, when you meet the right person you just know.

FF_PEONIES_2-1FF_PEONIES_2-2FF_PEONIES_2-3Picked up some bright pink peonies and pastel hued garden roses a few days ago from my favorite flower shop The Empty Vase. I love how much brightness the flowers bring to our bungalow.

Happy Flower Friday. Hope you have a great weekend.

FLOWER FRIDAY BIG BOQUET-1I’m currently in Paris, so here are some beautiful flowers to brighten up your Friday.

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