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NORDSTROM RACK_FALL-1 NORDSTROM RACK_FALL-5 NORDSTROM RACK_FALL-2 NORDSTROM RACK_FALL-4 NORDSTROM RACK_FALL-6 NORDSTROM RACK_FALL-7This is a cliché statement  but, “style has absolutely nothing to do with money”.  As many of my longtime readers know, I began this blog as a broker than broke college student. I distinctly remember the dilemma of choosing between spending $19 at a thrift store or spending $19 at a grocery store. I obviously went with my thrift store finds. Sam and I ended up feasting on steamed rice with soy sauce that night.

This type of push and pull between what I need and what I want has shaped the way I shop as well as the perceived value of the things I spend my money on.  Nordstrom Rack has always been my go-to for when I’m craving designer items but don’t necessarily want to drop a ton of cash. I’ve been going to Nordstrom Rack since I was in high school. It was the only way my mom would even consider buying me anything “designer”. Years later I still find myself popping in to find hidden gems like this Alexander Wang leather skirt and cozy A.L.C.  sweater.

Wearing : Sweater – ALC skirt – Alexander Wang, earrings – Nordstrom Rack, boots – Stuart Weitzman, bag – Chanel

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*This post was created in collaboration with Nordstrom Rack.




Nordstrom_Rack_1 Nordstrom_Rack_2 Nordstrom_Rack_4 Nordstrom_Rack_5 Nordstrom_Rack_6 Nordstrom_Rack_7

Late summer is all about soaking in as much indulgence as you can before the season ends. Towards the end of the season I usually strip my daily wardrobe down to a few basics and a couple of statement pieces, making getting dressed as easy as possible. This way I can spend my time enjoying the last bits of summer bliss. An eyelet white dress is definitely the perfect basic to use as a blank canvas, it lends itself well to embellishment with statement earrings or a bold sandal. I found this Tibi dress and my red Céline sandals at Nordstrom Rack and have been incorporating them into my summer uniform ever since. Both pieces are even versatile enough to carry over into the pre-fall season which is coming up fast.

Wearing : Dress –  Tibi via Nordstrom Rack, sandals – Céline via Nordstrom Rack, earrings – Nordstrom Rack

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P.S. I wanted to mention that we shot these pictures while seeing one of my favorite desert artists, Noah Purifoy, at the LACMA. Everything he created was done with found objects and he is one of the pioneers of the found art movement. You can see his life’s work at his property in Joshua Tree. It is one of my favorite places in the world. You can see a few of my visits to his outdoor museum here and here.

Guess_Post_1 Guess_Post_2



This weekend I’m super excited to be heading out to Coachella for music, sunshine, and festival fashion with Guess. Follow along on my Instagram @LateAfternoon and Snapchat @LateAfternoon12

Wearing: Dress – Guess, sunglasses – Guess (black and pink), blue –  Guess


Jana_1 Jana_2



Happy Flower Friday! Here is another set of photos from my inspiring play date with the ever talented Jana Williams.

Photography : Jana Williams

Styling & Florals : Liz (me)

Make up / Hair : Jocelyn Rivard

Romper : IRO

Acting on a feeling of wanderlust and nostalgia, we took a journey to rediscover some of the whimsical places that we have enjoyed exploring in the past.  I packed up luxuriously bohemian pieces from Largo Drive and we took off on a holiday adventure through the sleepy beach town where we met almost 10 years ago. With the the holidays fast approaching it’s nice to hit the road and take a second to breathe.
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