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I love starting my mornings with fresh light meals that will energize me without weighing me down. One of my new favorites is a delightful, healthy breakfast bowl. I use homemade yogurt that I pick up form the farmer’s market and combine it with fresh berries and fruits. It takes all of 5 minutes to make, leaving you feeling satisfied and healthy. To make it even healthier add in chia seeds and let sit over night.





Plain yogurt (sub in coconut yogurt for a vegan version)

Vanilla extract


Directions :

There is no real formula to this. Blend together the desired amount of yogurt with a large handful of fresh strawberries, a sprinkle of vanilla extract, and a spoon full of honey. Play around with the ingredients until you get it to taste and look the way you want. Personally I like less honey and more strawberries, while Sam enjoys his on the sweeter side. Once you’ve got the right flavor garnish with fresh berries and serve. I like to garnish mine with edible flowers when I can find them or toasted coconut shavings if I have some on hand. Serve and enjoy.

Happy Sunday!

Sunday brunch is my favorite weekend tradition. Whether we’re at home or traveling, Sam and I take our Sunday Funday very seriously. My favorite brunch indulgence is lemon ricotta pancakes paired with a healthy fruit smoothie. Sam loves breakfast tacos and waffles.  Together we end up with way too much food and have to invite friends to join in on our feast. Below I’ve linked a few of my favorite recipes to make for brunch.

Acai Berry Smoothies 

Ricotta Pancakes – I add lemon zest and blueberries to this recipe.

Breakfast Tacos

Homemade Waffles – The perfect recipe to use as a  jumping off point.

Hope everyone has a fantastic Sunday!

LENSCRAFTERS-1LENSCRAFTERS-3LENSCRAFTERS-4LENSCRAFTERS-2LENSCRAFTERS-5I recently went to LensCrafters  to experience a Clarifye exam. The entire process was quick and easy thanks to the innovative technology used to fast track the process of perfecting your prescription and monitoring eye health. Anyone who wears contacts or glasses has experienced sitting in the doctor’s chair trying to determine which one of the lettered screens looks clearer. For me it was always the most frustrating part of the exam.  Clarifye, eliminates that process allowing you to breeze through the appointment giving you more face time with your optometrist. I was so happy with how my appointment went, I plan to keep going to LensCrafters on an annual basis.  It didn’t hurt that I got my glasses the same day as the eye exam.

A huge thank you to LensCrafters for inviting me to Art Basel this year and hosting a beautiful, artful brunch.

*This post was created in collaboration with LensCrafters.

ACAI_BOWL_SMOOTHIE-1Sam and I recently started making our own Açai bowls. They’re super easy and make a great breakfast or a healthy alternative for dessert.


4 tbsp Açai powder

1 bag frozen strawberries

4 tbsp honey

1 cup blueberries

2 cups almond milk

(for toppings)

bee pollen



dehydrated pineapple

Makes 4 servings


Combine ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth. Add almond milk as necessary for consistency. Assemble by putting fresh blueberries and bee pole in the bottom of the jar. Add Açai mixture to jar then garnish with blueberries, bee pollen, raspberries, and dehydrated pineapple.


BEVERLY HILLS HOTEL-1BEVERLY HILLS HOTEL-7BEVERLY HILLS HOTEL-2BEVERLY HILLS HOTEL-3BEVERLY HILLS HOTEL-6BEVERLY HILLS HOTEL-4A few snaps from lunch at one of the most iconic LA haunts, The Beverly Hills Hotel. This outfit incorporates 3 of my favorite trends for fall; metal chokers, block heel pumps, and statement sleeves. I like combining all 3 trends while maintaining a muted color palette and minimal accessories.

Sam and I are off to NYFW for a few days, followed by our very first trip to Washington DC. If you’re from the DC area, please leave us some suggestions on what to do/see/eat while we’re there.

Wearing: Dress – Anthom, shoes – Miista, necklace – Jenny Bird, sunglasses – Céline, bag – Chanel

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