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Winter weather has a tendency to wreck my skin. My lips dry out from the constant temerature shifts, the dark circles under my eyes become more pronounced as my tan fades, and my skin looks dull and lackluster from the lack of sunlight.  Over the years I’ve picked up tips, tricks, and products that help manage the negative effects of the season. Below I’ve outlined my favorite remedies as well as go-to products for helping my skin recover while looking it’s best.

Sheet Masks – Sheet masks are the perfect shortcut when your skin needs some extra TLC. Tip: Store in the fridge to help reduce puffiness.

Rose Water – I use this year round but an extra spritz in the morning and evening is never a bad thing. Pro Tip: Freeze your rose water in ice cube trays and swipe over your face and neck every morning.

GlamGlow YouthMud – I’ve talked about this product before. It’s one of my favorite masks to help dry out breakouts and tighten pores.

Face Scrub – I’m a big believer in rather aggressive exfoliating. I like to use a scrub at least a few times a week and step up the regimen when my skin feels like it needs an extra polish. Tip – Make your own by combining sugar, honey, and coconut oil.

Under Eye Cream – At any given moment I use anywhere from 2-4 different under eye creams. I combine products that help reduce under eye circles with formulas that are created to reduce wrinkles.

Vintner’s Daughter – This is a product worth splurging on. It was recommended to me by a few peers along with a makeup artist. Tip – Dab just a little on any area that creases after makeup application.

Coconut Oil – Coconut oil is my go-to for when I need an intense dose of hydration. I generally use it on my lips, knees, and elbows, but in the winter I use it on any little dry patch I find.

Tea Tree Oil – By far the most effective way  I have found to spot treat acne or breakouts. Everyone I know who has ever tried it swears by it. Tip: I buy mine at Trader Joe’s.


Concealer has been my best friend ever since I started wearing makeup. It’s the one beauty product I can’t live without. The last two weeks gave me a reason to finally test the limits of just how much concealer and make-up can cover up. To make a long story short I fainted shortly after we got back from Paris, resulting in a black eye along with a couple of minor injuries.  Since I couldn’t exactly put my life on hold until it healed I decided to put all of my make up to use and figure out a way to hide the bruising. Turns out it was much easier than I thought.  By adding just one extra step to my routine I was able to almost completely cover up my black eye. I wish I had a before and after picture but it didn’t really occur to me to take photos until after it healed. Below is my 4 step guide for covering up a bruise on your face.

1. Begin by priming your face and applying foundation as you normally do.

2. Next apply a full coverage concealer, my personal favorite is Cle de Peau.

3. This is the “miracle step” : Apply Laura Mercier’s Secret Concealer. Layer as needed until you’ve achieved the coverage you need. Make sure to blend well and remember that a little goes along way with this stuff.

4. Set the covered area with powder. I use Laura Mercier’s Translucent Loose Setting Powder.

Voilà! You’re good to go. This process helped me cover up to 75% of the bruising when it was at it’s worst and up to 95% when it was healing.

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During spring and summer I like my sin to look glowing, golden, and natural. I recently worked on a project with Charlotte Tilbury which gave me the chance to try a few of their products. I wanted to share my 3 favorites for achieving natural glowing skin.

  1. Overnight Bronze and Glow Mask – I use it 2 times a week at night. It give my face a natural sun kissed look without exposing it to the sun. Tip :  Make sure to wash your hand after applying to your face and neck.
  2.  Charlotte’s Magic Cream Treat & Transform Moisturizer – One of my favorite daily moisturizers. It’s wonderfully hydrating, yet light enough for daily use.
  3. Wonderglow Instant Soft-Focus Beauty Flash – This works as a great primer  when I want my skin to really glow.

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Sharing a few of my current skin care favorites. These 4 products are always with me when I travel to help keep my skin clean and moisturized.

  1. GlamGlow – This mask is my favorite for when I feel a breakout is coming on. I use it at night and by the next morning any evidence of clogged pores is gone.

2.  La Mer The Concentrate – An absolute must when I travel.

3. La Mer Revitalizing Hydrating Serum – This is a really great  serum when I’ve been in the sun all day and need extra hydration.

4. La Mer Eye Concentrate – I don’t leave home without at least 3 under eye creams in my makeup bag. This one is my current favorite.

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Happy 2017! I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season. We’ve been working really hard to plan for the new year. I’m really excited for our upcoming improvements, initiatives, and projects. I’m starting the year of with a beauty series. Today’s installment is all about my anti aging skin care must haves.

One of my personal skincare secrets is my rather aggressive commitment to exfoliating. Over the years I’ve learned that using an exfoliator every morning keeps my skin looking vibrant. You may not need to exfoliate daily but including a facial scrub into your routine is something I highly recommend. Currently my regimen includes a daily cleanse with Laura Mercier’s Flawless Skin Face Polish and a biweekly treatment with Dr. Brandt’s Microdermabrasion Age Defying Exfoliator . As I’ve mentioned before, I also add baking soda to my cleanser once a week. 

Exfoliating doesn’t stop with my face. In the last 6 months I’ve become obsessed with skin brushes. I use mine all over my skin every morning in the shower. I’ve even gotten in the habit of traveling with one.

Next up is a product I can’t live without. It’s Dr. Brandt’s Needles No More 3-D filler mask.  It’s another product that I use every single day and I have it in stockpiles so I never run out. It gives an instantly visible lift to the skin. 

Last but not least is an Intense Facial Mask with Retinol 8. I’ve tried a lot but I’m currently favoring this one from Verso Skincare. 

As I approach 30 ( by approach I mean that it’s coming up in a week and I’m freaking out) I’m all about maximizing my use of topical anti aging alternatives before I feel the need to move on to more surgical ones. I’m really hoping I’ll be on of those women who ages naturally without intervention, but I’m also not opposed to considering a little tweaking as I get older. 

What are your thoughts on aging? Are you open to treatments like Botox and plastic surgery or are you looking forward to embracing your age and everything that comes with it?