I’ve spent almost a third of my life documenting my outfits and blogging about them. Considering the entire industry is barely a decade old, I’m pretty much an industry dinosaur.  One of the major takeaways from all of my years of blogging is the idea of establishing a personal style and always interpreting trends through that lens. Every season I try to identify trends with longevity that speak to my style. For instance this camel coat was highly on trend when I bought it a few years back, but it’s also a timeless classic and a worthwhile investment. The same can be said for my blouse which a purchased over a year ago. It was trendy last fall/winter season, it’s relevant this season, and will be a lovely staple for seasons to come. Over the next few weeks I intend to go a little deeper into my own style philosophy and break down idea on how you can get the most out of your wardrobe and your style.

Wearing : Coat – Sandro, blouse – Caroline Constas, jeans – 3X1, boots – Chinese Laundry, sunglasses – Prada, bag – Chanel, earrings – J.Crew

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