My love for pink is unwavering and this suit from Ganni is no exception.  As many of you know, Sam and I have spent the better part of last year battling with our insane landlords. Out nightmare is almost over, we are currently in the process of moving out. To avoid rushing into another unpleasant situation we’ve decided to put everything into storage so we can take our time deciding what we want next. The hardest part of all this is having to decide what to put in storage vs. what to keep while we are essentially homeless. This little number is staying with me, but I have a persistent urge to let everything else go. I dream of throwing caution to the wind and starting everything over from scratch. The freedom of starting over is scary yet infectious. If nothing else this will be a great lesson in learning the difference between the things I need and the things I think I need.

Wearing: Blazer and Pants – Ganni, top – Private Party, shoes – Chinese Laundry, bag – FLYNN, watch – Movado

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