One of my ultimate go-to gifts is always flowers. When I’m attending a dinner party or a holiday get together hosted at a friend’s house, I like to bring a custom bouquet in a brand new vase. I leave the vase behind as a thank you gift for the host. Candles and champagne also make for quick and easy gifts, but it is when I bring the flowers that I receive the most smiles. Pro Tip: If you don’t have time to pick up blooms from a specialty flower shop, stop by a grocery store but skip the pre-made bouquets and pick up a dozen of roses, tulips or whatever else is in the store as well some simple filler green to create your own arrangement.

Also, let’s take a quick moment and acknowledge how great it is that

Happy Flower Friday!

Wearing: Blazer – Rebecca Taylor, pants – Rebecca Taylor, top – Brandi Melville, shoes – Schutz, earrings – J. Crew, bag – Flynn, watch – Olivia Burton

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