I’m super excited for today’s post because it’s Halloween themed! This is the perfect drink to serve for a party or while passing out candy to trick or treaters. It’s wickedly tasty and appropriately playful. The only tricky part of this is the dry ice. I was worried it would be difficult to find but in fact I found it at the second liquor store I called. PLEASE be advised that you cannot use bare hands to touch the dry ice and you cannot drink it until it melts. Use tongs to drop in small chunks for the smokey effect. Wait for the dry ice to melt completely before drinking. It will chill the cocktail and give it a gentle fizz.


8oz. Gin

 2oz Simple syrup

 4oz.Pomegranate juice

Dry Ice

Sugar for the rim

Serves 4


Start by creating the sugar rims. Dip each glass into water and then into sugar spread on a plate. Combine the gin, pomegranate juice, and simple syrup in a tumbler filled with ice. Shake well and strain into glasses. Using tongs or a spoon drop small bit of dry ice into the glasses.

Enjoy the effect and serve.