LENSCRAFTERS-1 LENSCRAFTERS-3 LENSCRAFTERS-4 LENSCRAFTERS-2 LENSCRAFTERS-5I recently went to LensCrafters  to experience a Clarifye exam. The entire process was quick and easy thanks to the innovative technology used to fast track the process of perfecting your prescription and monitoring eye health. Anyone who wears contacts or glasses has experienced sitting in the doctor’s chair trying to determine which one of the lettered screens looks clearer. For me it was always the most frustrating part of the exam.  Clarifye, eliminates that process allowing you to breeze through the appointment giving you more face time with your optometrist. I was so happy with how my appointment went, I plan to keep going to LensCrafters on an annual basis.  It didn’t hurt that I got my glasses the same day as the eye exam.

A huge thank you to LensCrafters for inviting me to Art Basel this year and hosting a beautiful, artful brunch.

*This post was created in collaboration with LensCrafters.