Blush Ruffle Dress-2 Blush Ruffle Dress-3 Blush Ruffle Dress-4 Blush Ruffle Dress-1 Blush Ruffle Dress-5 Blush Ruffle Dress-6 Blush Ruffle Dress-7 Blush Ruffle Dress-8 Blush Ruffle Dress-9I found this beautiful dress a few days ago and immediately bought it. I fell in love the moment I saw it. I couldn’t fathom a world where this dress was not mine. Interestingly enough Sam did not share my enthusiasm when it arrived. He called this look street pirate chic. I took it as a compliment and spent the day twirling around in my “street pirate” dress. I loved every minute of it, while Sam longed for the long gone days of tight red American Apparel dresses. That’s what happens when you meet your wife when she’s 20 and in her prime.

Wearing: Dress – See by Chloé, shoes – Gucci, bag – Saint Laurent, sunglasses – Celiné, necklace – Adornmode, rings – Kendra Scott

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