NORDSTROM RACK_FALL-1 NORDSTROM RACK_FALL-5 NORDSTROM RACK_FALL-2 NORDSTROM RACK_FALL-4 NORDSTROM RACK_FALL-6 NORDSTROM RACK_FALL-7This is a cliché statement  but, “style has absolutely nothing to do with money”.  As many of my longtime readers know, I began this blog as a broker than broke college student. I distinctly remember the dilemma of choosing between spending $19 at a thrift store or spending $19 at a grocery store. I obviously went with my thrift store finds. Sam and I ended up feasting on steamed rice with soy sauce that night.

This type of push and pull between what I need and what I want has shaped the way I shop as well as the perceived value of the things I spend my money on.  Nordstrom Rack has always been my go-to for when I’m craving designer items but don’t necessarily want to drop a ton of cash. I’ve been going to Nordstrom Rack since I was in high school. It was the only way my mom would even consider buying me anything “designer”. Years later I still find myself popping in to find hidden gems like this Alexander Wang leather skirt and cozy A.L.C.  sweater.

Wearing : Sweater – ALC skirt – Alexander Wang, earrings – Nordstrom Rack, boots – Stuart Weitzman, bag – Chanel

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*This post was created in collaboration with Nordstrom Rack.