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Sam and I are always going to the desert. It’s the prefect place to both relax and get some work done. There are a lot of great hotels, each with it’s own distinct style and clientele, and we love each one for different reasons.  A few of our friends recently introduced us to L’Horizon. Easily missed because of its inconspicuous facade, it’s a modern throw back to the old glamour days of Hollywood and the stars that found Palm Springs as their escape from the city. It’s the perfect spot for an elegant, romantic getaway. This time it was rainy as we arrived and the rain continued on through the morning. We absolutely loved every drop of the rain. It made the entire experience cozy and even more romantic.

Wearing: Sweater – 525 America, pants – Rag & Bone, hat – Worth & Worth, bag – Louboutin, shoes – Tommy Hilfiger, watch – Larsson & Jennings

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