UNILEVER-4 UNILEVER-5 UNILEVER-6 UNILEVER-7 UNILEVER-8 UNILEVER-9 UNILEVER-10 UNILEVER-1 UNILEVER-3 UNILEVER-2Sam and I love Miami. It’s a trip we take at least once a year. Having taken this trip many times, we’ve learned that taking a redeye is actually the best way to get the most of our time in Miami. Over the years I’ve picked up a few tricks for looking fresh when you’re just off the redeye and have a jam packed day. My first rule is to wash my face and take off all my makeup while I’m on the plane. I always pack makeup remover like the Simple Dual Effect Eye Make-up Remover which gently takes of all of my makeup helping ensure my face is clean for the duration of the flight. I also pack a hydrating lip balm. I like the Vaseline Rosy Lips Lip Balm for it’s added pop of color which is perfect for when I’m stepping off the plane. Both of those are important for making sure you get off the flight looking and feeling refreshed. I drink mass amounts of water and pack a change of clothes. Once we land, we check into our hotel. If the room isn’t ready, which it rarely is, we freshen up at the spa. I fix up my hair with a beach spray and add dry shampoo like the one from Nexxus to absorb any excess oil as well as set my hair for the day ahead. The last step is to slip on a chic dress (this Who What Wear wrap dress is perfect for just that), an oversized pair of sunnies, and I’m ready to seize the day.

*This post was created in collaboration with Unilever.