Holiday-Decor-3 Holiday-Decor-5 Holiday-Decor-4I love holiday decor but most of all I love incorporating live plant life into my decor. From winter inspired arrangements of thistles and anemones, to peony covered tinsel trees. There are fresh flowers all over my holiday decor. Last year I covered my whole tree with fresh roses. Check out the Fresh Flower Tree Ornament DIY from last year, and my updated and easier version below. Basically you need flower tubes and floral wire. Fill each tube with water, cap it, and gently slide in your flower. Wrap the floral wire securely around the flower tube. Attach and arrange your fresh decorations on your centerpieces, wreaths and other holiday decor. Once you notice the flowers start to wilt just replace them with fresher blooms. I suggest incorporating berries and thistles as they last a long time and the thistle will dry beautifully and you won’t have to replace it at all.

Hope you enjoy this idea and do share your own crafty ideas in the comments.

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