sunday bites

Breakfast in bed is the best way to celebrate the weekend and an even better way to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your honey (or by yourself).
Today I’m sharing my easy breezy recipe for poached egg topped polenta cakes with avocado spread and a side of blistered shishito peppers.
4 Eggs
Ready made polenta
Shishito Peppers
1 ripe avocado
1 lime
Salt & Pepper
Extra virgin olive oil
Bacon (optional)
To make the polenta cakes start by cutting the ready made polenta into 4 thick slices. Lightly fry the slices in extra virgin olive oil on each side until crispy. While the polenta is cooking poach your eggs.
In a bowl mash the avocado with the juice of half a lime until it reaches a spreadable consistency (season to taste). Assemble the cakes by spreading the avo spread on your polenta and top each cake with a poached egg. Sprinkle the eggs with chopped chives, paprika, salt, pepper, and a touch of crispy bacon if you’ve got it.
To cook the peppers cover a skillet in extra virgin olive oil and heat on high until the oil is hot. Turn down the heat to medium and throw in the peppers. Let them blister on all sides. You want them too look almost burnt. Once they’re cooked, transfer to a serving platter and sprinkle with salt.
Arrange everything on a fancy platter, pour yourself a glass of champs and enjoy your breakfast in bed.