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Because of it’s proximity to the Hollywood crowd, LA has always had a glitzy nightlife. But there are just as many hidden doors to duck into as there are paparazzi lined red ropes. LA is full of secret speakeasies and lounges where perversion takes on a whimsical twist. I’ve partenered with Urban Decay to bring you 5 secret LA spots where the drinks are always stiff, the lights are always dim, and there is always an anything goes attitude.

Lock and Key:
A hidden Koreatown speakeasy for when you’re in the mood for an up-scale take on a dive bar. 
Pro Tip: Chat up the bartender to discover other secret Koreatown gems.
No Vacancy:
This place is a scene but it’s the best scene in the city. On a regular night you’ll find anything from live music and tight-rope walkers to sexy burlesque shows. 
Pro Tip: Get to know the doorman, or come early.

Pour Vous:
This sexy little lounge is my favorite spot for an intimate night out with my love. 
Pro Tip: Grab a seat on the Cable Car hidden in the back.
The Next Door Lounge:
An overlooked spot that’s perfect for large groups looking for great cocktails, live music and a retro atmosphere.
 Pro Tip: They run murder mystery nights in the off season.
The Blind Barber:
This Culver City gem is unassuming and quite. It’s perfect for a low-key night. 
Pro Tip: Go through the barber shop to get in.