metal airs

Another look from NYFW.  I generally don’t feel like peacocking around the tents. I pretty much wore outfits you’d see me wear any other day of the week. I guess maybe I just dress like it’s fashion week all year round. 
 If you follow me on Instagram, you probably read that I had a very nasty panic attack right in the middle of a fashion show. I don’t usually share too much negativity on this blog, but since so many of us have to deal with anxiety I wanted to speak up. A runway show is definitely on the list of the worst places to have a panic attack. As the models strutted their stuff my hands went numb, my face went numb, I began to hyperventilate, and intense panic set in. There was nothing chic about it. It was by far and away the worst one I’ve ever had. If it wasn’t for Sam and another dear friend talking me through it, I probably would have ended up as that girl being wheeled out of the Lincoln Center in an ambulance. Not a good way to make an exist.
I wanted to say thank you to everyone who left positive messages and expressed concern on my Instagram. I hope that this makes all of us feel a little less alone in our daily struggles with anxiety.
Skirt- Zara, crop top- Topshop, shoes- J.Crew, clutch- vintage via The Fine Art of Design, rings- Threadsence, bracelets- Madewell