Spring (not winter) Is Coming

(skirt- Josh Goot, sweater- Topshop, shoes-Proenza Schouler, necklace-Zara)
Every February as I prepare to leave for fashion week, I notice the arrival of my favorite time of year,  cherry blossom season.  I know the term “cherry blossoms” refers to a specific type of genus of trees, but I apply it to any tree that begins to blossom in February.
Seeing those little blossoms blanket a tree practically over night fills me with an intense feeling of joy. 
I’m like a wide eyed child staring straight into the face of a magical fairy no one else believed existed. Such a sap. I rarely ever get the chance to enjoy the arrival of these sweet little blossoms, and this year is no different as I am off to New York for Fashion Week today.
P.S. Anybody got my Game of Thrones reference in the title of this post?
Best. Show. Ever.