city haunts

(dress- Dolce Vita also worn here, skirt- Zara, shoes-Alexander Wang, red snake skin bracelet, pyramid ring- Manifest/Manifest, silver bracelet – vintage, necklace-vintage, sunglasses- YSL)
I decided to rework this colorful dress into a top and give my new skirt a try. I think I’ll be going beck to Zara to get this skirt in all the other colors. It’s full and flirty with the perfect amount of bounce. A rare gem.
Sam and I pent a beautiful Sunday running around delighting in the city’s finest. From the overdosing at the vintage expo to devouring too many crepes at Ti Couz, it was a fine day of indulgence.
I happen to find crepes to be the perfect vehicle for both sweet and savory flavors, but Nutella, banana, and whip cream crepes are my breakfast of champions.