the art of shoe shopping

(sweater- Style by Marina, pants- Vince, bag- Forever 21, shoes- Loeffler Randall, turban- Asos vest- Zara, necklace- vintage)
I’ve been stalking this particular pair of Loeffler Randalls Mabels for a while now. I finally found them the other morning in something relatively close to my size and on sale at Revolve. After a mini heart attack I whipped out my card to BUY! BUY! BUY! Never has a purchase been more satisfying. That is until another pair of diligently stalked Loeffler Randalls popped up on sale at Endless. Serious fulfilment. Ultimate. Shoe. Fulfilment.

We snapped these pics in the morning before I went to work. My computer bag (not pictured, known as the beast) weighs at least 20 pounds on a good day, so it’s nice when Sam walks me to work and carries the beast for me. Even better when he’s awake enough to take pictures.