It’s coming…

I wrote a little article for Chictopia’s Everybody Is Ugly blog.
Basically I came up with 15 essential items to pack for Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week.
Some of these things I’m actually bringing, others I wish was.
You can read the complete article here.

*The List*

1. Gloves
Gloves are the number one thing most people forget when packing. Bring them, or risk icicle hands (seriously).
Asos leather gloves

2. Sunglasses
What can I say? Sun reflecting of snow is brighter than you think. Plus, it’s totally not cool to be showing your eyeballs at MBFW.
Karen Walker Super Duper sunglasses

3. Chunky Scarf.
Bring the warmest scarf you can find. This might seem like common sense, but that doesn’t mean I can’t remind you.
Tips: The bigger, the better. You can use a large scarf as a pillow or a blanket on your flight.
Ruche tubular scarf

4.Tunic Dress.
At least one no fuss dress is a must for those last minute events and parties you’ll be jetting off to.
Tip: Get a dress with breathing room, it’s perfect when you’re feeling rundown.
All Saints Xanthi tunic dress

5.Tailored Trousers.
A pair of tailored trousers will be your best friend, I promise.
Tip: Dress them up with blouses for events, dress them down with cozy knits for meet ups and lunch dates.
Alexander Wang leather trimmed trouser

6. Long Coat.
Bring the longest and thickest coat possible.
Tip: Invest in a coat that is neural in color and simple in shape. That way you can be sure it will match with everything.
“Alexander Wang Nubby oversized coat

7. Killer Boots
Want to get photographed by a streetstyle photog? A pair of fierce pavement stomping boots is a must.
Tip: Bring a comfy pair to switch into.
All Saints Anat Chelsea boot

8. Large Carry-on.
I’ve been traveling with this bag for the last 6 years, it’s my most trusted companion. It’s small enough to be a carry-on but big enough to fit my laptop, camera, and a jacket.
Tip: Pack a change of clothes in your carry-on. You never know if your bags will arrive at the same time you do.
Marc by Marc Jacobs Standard Supply Classic tote

9. Flat Boots.
Bring a comfy pair of flat boots for walking.
Tip: Bring them in your bag and change into them after the shows.
Need Supply Tundra Brown Shearling boots

10. Sweatshirt.
Pack a comfy sweatshirt, just in case.
Topshop sweater

11. Oversized Bag.
Pick a big bag that can fit your camera, a change of shoes and snacks.
Tip: A bag with a shoulder strap will save you unnecessary back pain.
Modcloth Weave it to me bag

12. Snacks.
Yes, you can buy snacks in New York. But you also might spend all your money on having too much fun. Bring some granola bars and popcorn. You won’t regret it.
Kashi Go Lean bars

13. Portable Computer
Although an IPad is the ideal personal computer for blogging on the go, any laptop will do.
Tip: Post your show review as soon as you can. The fresher the content the more valuable it is to your readers.

14. DSLR.
What’s the point of going to Fashion Week if you won’t have any pictures to remember all the fabulousness? Buy, borrow or steal a DSLR to capture all the fun.
Tip: Take streetstyle photos of all the glamorous people to share with your readers.

15. Knit Turban.
This last one doesn’t have to be a turban, anything that keeps your head warm will do.
Tip: Use head accessories to make a statement with your look.
Asos Bow Headband turban