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 (pants-AA, top-courtesy of Modcloth, jacket-WinterKate, scarf-Love Quote, bag-MbyMJ shoes-courtesy of NeedSupply)
I tend to avoid celebrity lines like they’re the plague, but when I modeled this Winter Kate silk jacket I accidentally fell in love. After a week of inner turmoil I came to grips with the sad reality that I needed to have it.  I caved and purchased it from tobi.com last week. The lightness of the jacket makes it ideal for summer layering, it seamlessly transitions from cool summer days into chilly San Francisco nights.

Summer Styling Tips 
*A light color palette is refreshing and cool.
  *Nude accessories are the perfect summer staple. Go for beige shoes, bags and belts.

*Play around with airy layering. Throw on a breathy vest or a sheer chiffon button down over your romper or shorts.
*Silk jackets are the perfect alternative to blazers, leather and denim.
*Go for texture. Lace, eyelet, chiffon and silk are all a great way to add 
some charming detail to your look.
*Invest in a light pair of trousers in white, grey or nude for those warm summer nights.
*Pair ankle socks and brown woodies with a chiffon dress for a sweet and easy summer look.