Fallen by the wayside

(top-Zara dress, eyelet shorts- UO, shoes-JC c/o Designer Apparel, hat-vintage via Chic Swap, socks-drugstore)
Getting the most out of your closet requires some creative thinking, but finding possibilities in seasoned pieces is like finding chocolate when you were 100% sure there was none to be found. There is nothing better than the thrill of discovering new ways to wear an old favorite.
Tips for Making the Most of Your Wardrobe
*Wear your dress as a top
*Slip a skirt under your dress to add volume or length
*Tuck or tie hemlines to change up the shape of your garments
*Try wearing something backwards
*Layer tops over dresses to create new separates
*Turn your t-shirts into turbans
*An oversized button down can make for a great skirt
*Create a bandeau out of a scarf

Do you have other ideas for remixing your clothing?
Leave your ideas in the comment section and I’ll post my favorites (of course I’ll credit you in the feature).

Have you guys checked out Chic Swap on Chictopia? I’ve been addicted ever since I scored this vintage hat. I’ve also been using Chic Swap to post some of the pieces I no longer wear. Check it out when you have a minute, you might see something you like.