Even Kiss Was There

Over the weekend I had the chance to attend an art/music/design show/party. My lovely boyfriend (who’s name is Sam and who actually takes all of my blog pictures!) had a piece in the show and so it was imperative that we went. The event turned out to be a blast and I even ran into fellow Bay Area blogger Jennie from Going West .
Here are some pics from the event.
I loved the quirkiness of this girl and her designs.
This bad ass chick is a total rock star and her designs are out of this world amazing. She creates whimsical pieces that blend the line between sci-fi, glamour, and rock-and-roll. If you look close enough you’ll find that she is all over the blog world.
(Domonique Echeverria)
I love the tough yet organic feel of this jewelry, wish I had had
enough cash to snag a few pieces.
On a side note, I am thinking of selling a few special vintage pieces on this blog. Would anyone be interested? I think the first item will be a gorgeous beaded pencil skirt.
Oh and in case you’re curious as to what I wore to this event, it’s the outfit from the previous post.