As Sam and I plan our road trip through the South of France we're most excited about spending time in Provence. I can't wait to drive through the sun ...


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The first stop on our European road trip was France’s second largest city of Lyon. We had a limited amount of time to spend here, so we did our best to capture the essence of the city in just 24 hours. Lyon has a very different feel than Paris. Even though it receives almost as many visitors, the city has a calm energy and it is not uncommon to find yourself walking through a street totally alone.

We started our day with a grand breakfast spread at Mama Shelter which is the hotel we stayed in. I highly recommend it. It’s brand new and situated a few blocks from the Seine. After breakfast we strolled along the Seine people watching and taking in the city. Our next stop was a decadent lunch.

The most important part about Lyon is that it is considered to be the gastronomic capital of France. It has produced the world’s greatest chefs and this was the main reason we wanted to visit. At the top of our list was the iconic restaurant, Paul Bocuse. Bocuse’s restaurant is the oldest 3 Michelin star restaurant in the world. He is considered to be one of the most famous chefs in France and his restaurant is an ultra authentic experience in French fine dinning.  The dishes found on the menu are more than iconic, they are a history of French cuisine. Make sure to bring an appetite because the portions are large, rich, and they keep on coming. This place is an experience in culinary time travel, you have to keep an open mind.

After one of the best meals of our lives Sam and I took one of those touristy boat rides up and down the Rhône river. It was the perfect way to  learn more about the extensive history of the city in a short amount of time.  We had a dinner reservation at another 2 Michelin star restaurant with a modern take on French cuisine, but to be totally honest we were so stuffed from lunch we never made it. Instead we grabbed a bottle of Rosé and some light snacks, settled down on the banks of the Rhône, and watched a spectacular sunset that seemed to last forever.

Lyon is a beautiful city and worth a visit if you’re looking for a new French city to explore. Make sure to follow along with my Insta Stories. We’re in Provence now on the second leg of our road trip, and off to Italy tomorrow.  Let me know if you have any suggestions for the areas around Portofino and Florence.

Wearing : Skirt – Alice McCall , top – c/o Rebecca Taylor, shoes – Miu Miu, sunnies – Chloé, bag – Chanel, necklace – Les Néréides-usa

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Welcome to the first post from our European road trip. We spent our first day in Paris where we did what we do best, sit at open air cafes while people watching. We visited our favorite touristy spots like Place de Trocadéro which is the best place to get those iconic Eiffel Tower shots you see everywhere (it’s best if you go early in the morning). We also stopped by the Arc de Triomphe before being treated to an exquisite dinner at Ladurée. The next morning we picked up our gorgeous rental car from Sixt and took off on our road trip.

Follow our road trip on Instagram~ @LateAfternoon and come back to read our travel guides for Lyon, Provence, the coast of Italy and Florence.

Wearing : Skirt – Marimekko, top –Marimekko, shoes – Chanel, bag – Gucci, earrings – Dylanlex, sunglasses – Elizabeth and James


I call this my beauty detox salad. It’s based on my favorite detox juice that I used to buy whenever I felt like spending $9 on a single bottle of fancy juice. This salad has the same refreshing taste and nutrients as the juice, but it actually keeps me full while delivering the much needed fiber that a juice lacks.  The watermelon is the star ingredient here.Watermelon is high in vitamins A and C which are great for your skin, hair, and collagen production. It can also help with digestion, and just happens to be my favorite food. I mean it. Just like there are always fresh flowers in my house there is always a watermelon somewhere in my fridge. I like to cut it in half and eat it with a spoon.






Bee Polen


Start by cutting the watermelon and cucumber into bite sized pieces. Dress with fresh lime juice and finely chopped mint. Garnish with a  sprinkle of bee pollen. Serve and enjoy on a hot summer day.


I love filling my home with fresh flowers, but it can be difficult to justify spending money on something that will die in a few days. Tulips are my go-to flowers for creating beautiful arrangements without “breaking the bank”.  In this case I used one bouquet of yellow tulips and arranged them in three vases of various heights to create a dynamic center piece for my dinning table. It’s simple yet eye catching and can be arranged different ways for different spaces.

Have a great weekend and make sure you follow my Insta Stories – @LateAfternoon to follow along my European road trip.


Today we are leaving for our European road trip. My bags are filled to the brim wth flirty dresses, summer sandals, and straw accessories. I’ve got endless lists of sites to see, towns to visit, and most importantly restaurants to over indulge at. I can’t wait to share our adventure as we travel through France, Italy, and Switzerland. The only disappointment is that our trip to Finland fell through, but a trip through Scandinavia is still at the top of the list, as well as hundreds of other places.

Follow our trip on my Instagram – @LateAfternoon, and keep a look out for our blog posts detailing the adventure.

Wearing: Dress – French Connection, shoes – Miu Miu, hat – Hatattack, bag – Chanel, sunglasses – Elizabeth and James, necklace – ANTHOM

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