So I have some exciting news! Sam and I just booked a trip to Shanghai in two weeks and I'm so excited. I love seeing new places but I'm ...



    Sam and I spent the long weekend putting up our holiday decorations. This year we decided for a subtle color palette of metallics and neutral tones with accents of vintage glass ...



     One of my favorite holiday traditions is to invite friends over for Friendsgiving. Living in LA, a lot of our friends have family scattered all over the country, so ...


Winter weather has a tendency to wreck my skin. My lips dry out from the constant temerature shifts, the dark circles under my eyes become more pronounced as my tan fades, and my skin looks dull and lackluster from the lack of sunlight.  Over the years I’ve picked up tips, tricks, and products that help manage the negative effects of the season. Below I’ve outlined my favorite remedies as well as go-to products for helping my skin recover while looking it’s best.

Sheet Masks – Sheet masks are the perfect shortcut when your skin needs some extra TLC. Tip: Store in the fridge to help reduce puffiness.

Rose Water – I use this year round but an extra spritz in the morning and evening is never a bad thing. Pro Tip: Freeze your rose water in ice cube trays and swipe over your face and neck every morning.

GlamGlow YouthMud – I’ve talked about this product before. It’s one of my favorite masks to help dry out breakouts and tighten pores.

Face Scrub – I’m a big believer in rather aggressive exfoliating. I like to use a scrub at least a few times a week and step up the regimen when my skin feels like it needs an extra polish. Tip – Make your own by combining sugar, honey, and coconut oil.

Under Eye Cream – At any given moment I use anywhere from 2-4 different under eye creams. I combine products that help reduce under eye circles with formulas that are created to reduce wrinkles.

Vintner’s Daughter – This is a product worth splurging on. It was recommended to me by a few peers along with a makeup artist. Tip – Dab just a little on any area that creases after makeup application.

Coconut Oil – Coconut oil is my go-to for when I need an intense dose of hydration. I generally use it on my lips, knees, and elbows, but in the winter I use it on any little dry patch I find.

Tea Tree Oil – By far the most effective way  I have found to spot treat acne or breakouts. Everyone I know who has ever tried it swears by it. Tip: I buy mine at Trader Joe’s.



For the last two weeks Sam and I have been working on a secret project. I’m excited to finally tell you all about it. Today is the soft opening of our pop up art gallery and flower shop, Escape LA. It coincides with Refinery 29’s 29 Rooms exhibit taking place at ROW DTLA. We will be open every day 12:00-7:00pm and are having an opening reception this Saturday 6:00-9:00pm. If you’re going to the R29 exhibit or just want to come by and say hi, we’re located in suite 132 in the ROW DTLA campus. We’ll have free Prosecco by Stella Rosa, puppies, flowers and art curated by two of my favorite artists. I hope you stop by, I’ll even teach you how to make flower crowns or floral ornaments if you’re so inclined.

Wearing : Skirt – Remy Brook, top – Iorane, jacket – Unreal Fur, shoes – Amelia Pichard, bag – Senreve 


How many of you have been with me long enough to remember my days of modeling at NastyGal? It was years ago when the blog was only a year old, NastyGal was a team of 6 people, and we were living in San Francisco. Sophia scouted me through my blog and for the next year I was a regular NastyGal, shooting twice a week. I look back on those day with immense fondness. I remember when Stacey the stylist, Paul the photographer, Nick the styling assistant and I the model would take the Bart back into the city after a full day of shooting. We all wore black, lots of leather, and were asked if we were in a band almost once a week. The days were long but always filled with tears-in-your-eyes laughter.

When I saw this tinsel fringed vegan leather jacket, it instantly took me back to my NastyGal days. I saw myself twirling in it, I heard Paul telling me to drop my chin and look left. I could feel Stacy and Nick eyeing me up and down, debating whether to add a leather glove or a statement ring. I could see Sophia peering out of her office ready to restyle the entire look, a perfectionist in ripped up band tees and Alexander Wang boots.  It was exhilarating, exhausting, and unforgettable.

Is there a time in your life that you look back at and almost wish you could go back?

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I spent my whole life dreaming of visiting the South of France. I dreamt of picking fresh fruit and olives barefoot, lounging under fig trees and driving down to the Mediterranean to escape the summer heat. It always seemed like a place I’d fall in love with.This summer Sam and I finally had the chance to fulfill my travel dream when we took a road trip starting in Paris and ending in Saint Tropez. The entire experience was truly transformative and exactly as dreamy as I imagined. I can’t wait to go back and dream of spending an entire summer in Provence. In the meantime I’ve been filling my home and my life with reminders of our trip. Even my gifts are infused with these touches courtesy of LOccitane and their beautiful gift sets. This season LOccitane has partnered with UNICEF to donate $4 from the sale of each Shea Butter Collection or Shea Butter Deluxe Collection gift sets to help thousands of children around the world. What better way to celebrate the holidays than with beautiful gifts and beautiful intentions.

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*This post was created in collaboration with LOccitane.

Every winter I  create a signature cocktail to serve throughout the holidays. This year I’m making Pink Bellinis made with fresh peaches and raspberries. This cocktail is perfect for serving at a holiday brunch or as a welcome drink at a dinner party.


2/3 cup white or yellow peach puree
1/3 cup raspberry puree
1 bottle chilled Prosecco


Start by peeling the peaches and removing the pits. Puree in a blender until smooth. Next puree the raspberries. Strain both purees, combine in a bowl and chill. When you’re ready to serve simply spoon 2 teaspoons of puree into each glass and top with Prosecco.